Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vintage Window

Have you ever noticed the windows of Ruin house? Ever tried to noticed the deepness of that Window. There must be some story left behind this window. Behind that empty House? It must have been a part of few generation.

It have been a part of so many emotions. Might be way through which two lovers meet. Might be a part of mothers feeling to see son going through school. Might be a part of some Romeo Juliet story. Or Studying desk for one. So many emotions. Windows are usually made for sunlight to enter in our house. Did you ever realize its as similar to Your heart?

Might be not. Let me explain you. Widows are made to enter sunlight. And Heart is made to pass love inside your soul. It never matter how small the size of it. It always contain a large number of your emotion.

We always keep our widows open during brightness and closed them during Night and so our heart.

The Generation I belong to we prefer close windows because of the A/c or heater in ones room. But still a window keeps a very important part in my life. There was a sister of mine who lives in Mumbai. When She come from her tiring job. Working 9hours a day. She make a coffee to herself and sit next to her window. I was observing her from few days and then I finally asked her ‘  I can understand about the coffee part it help to relax you but Window? I didn’t get it.’

She asked me to sit with her and then replied ‘ It’s a competitive world. You have to be first in something to stand somewhere in life. This window give me an immense pleasure. Because I can see the little lights out here. Which looks beautiful instead a part of competition. Soothing air relaxes your mind. And always connect me to mom. The way she use to sit near window to knit a sweater for me. And moreover give me a romantic thoughts as I look through the lights from here. So window is like a heart its small but carry a lot of things and memories. Instead of keeping heart inside you its good to be in our own Heart.’

Window is the spirit, Evil is the curtain. Remove the curtain of your Heart. To always bless your soul.

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