Friday, March 27, 2015


Its been a first time with me while writing a blog that put the title first and then writing the blog. But I am so sure about the title. Title to say that something to left behind. 4years to be given to my college life. To the most beautiful part of life. No, I don’t regret for this four year. I always going to cherish. Relationship Rollercoaster it was. Some were made and some were broken. But the broken one was also made that’s why the broke. So, No bad! I just think if they wouldn’t have broken I wouldn’t have made the new ones.
45km of journey (Opps! 90km in all) is coming to an deep slow end. I never hated the bus ride. Because the 2 hours of music therapy was always been good to me. And every year I meet some part of me. It gave me a one crazy friend for life. Without whom survival wouldn’t have been so fine. The ABS circle where bus stop at evening would have so crazy 15-20 minutes of college.

For the bus mates.. Gauri di: You are the most beautiful lady by soul.
Kumud di : You are the cutest of all. Chetan : Black sheep, You always been the support. Maneesh : Jaan I wish we would have met way before because its way comfortable being with you. Gentleman with a class. (Jatt)  Shubham : I am so going to miss you. Ayushmann : You rock! :P Anna: Be pretty always. Mehak: I need a really long time to write about you Ganesha. Akshay : Be happy, You are perfect as you are. Bindra : I hope you get a girl like you soon.

My Weird (Wildly Enlightened Individuals Recreating Dreams) Class is full of different genres. Nobody was less from one. We were few in number. But the vast variety in numbers.
One was Diva(Gargi), So one was the studious (Prerna), So one was sports women(Dimple) So one can make go around (Yashika) Other one was singer (Jyoti) So some one remain silent (Anuradha Agarwal). The one who remain simply cool but then ‘panga Soch samajh ke lena’ (Lavina). One who keep forgetting but Who cares (Sukku). One who ask to many question (Payal). One who handle the leadership (Dhanku) then the one who with amazing attitude (Akku), One with the radio throat (Kamo) And the friend of her with the foreign looks (Surbhi) And one with the calm attitude(Anushree) and with the tomboy look (Namo). And one as sweet as teddy bear (Sanju). The one with amazing IQ of Debate (Naitry). One with Pakki punjaban eyes (Leena). And the one who always remain on Diet (Chandu).
Well, I know all girls and No boys make the class so Dull. So lets start making a class wise with Google service of Bagchi. The lets add up some Comedy classes with Sahil. And the then a Poetic channel of Akash. And Mr Unknown Vipul. And an artistic Ravi. But still I love the correct IQ of Prajay. And how story can be made without a chocolate boy (Rahul) ‘Naam Toh suna he hoga’. And a controller (Vineet)
Now, there are group of 5 people who make me sad. They’ve been with us all the way but not coming along to complete this stay. They complete our class in all way. The guy with the Chillax attitude (Rabijit). Low temper and making me try new things (Gaurav). I don’t know why this class have 2 version alia bhatt. One from the Highway (Meenakshi) and Other from 2states (Soumia) And My own personal Main dekhta hoon bade he swami type ka lekin hoon bade he harami type ka (Saurabh).
And three monkeys who left us already. Who miss us or not nobody knows. But the always bump in our class to make it more cheerful. Pandit Pujari (Hari), Skeleton ( Mridul) and Photo freak Queen (Kirti).

Bunch of crazy people made the life worth living. 4years of smiling stay.
There were fights there were downs. There were love so was hatred. But the food without salt never been the taste.
I have been a part of so many fights. I have been the part of so many Celebration. There were many moments of sadness. But what make sad the most we have to leave it all behind.

Anushree might be this place is so short to write about you or about us. But girl I love you and I’ll always will. Even after fights my mind move on from you but my heart remain stuck on you.
Saurabh you are best part of college and life. Nobody can ever have a great friend like you. You are not what you think about yourself. You are way better than that. And that’s what make me afraid of. But I love you and forever and ever. I just wish I can write more about you. But let it be little personal.
Gaurav, if you wouldn’t have been in amity at one point of time I would have given all my hopes on amity. Trust is the another name of yours. And yes you are a Kid and always going to be. For me at least.
Rahul, I am just happy to see you happy. You matter to me a lot. You are what you are. Accept it. And believe me you are beautiful soul. Just be confident about it.
Leena, Thank you for being a great support. Just believe in yourself. Just do things what you like to do. Take things lightly they are not hard as you think. And babes always remember I love you. You might not be knowing it how much. But I do. That's why I always keep on guiding you. Cause I know you have seen me crying like millions times and stood by my side every time. Nobody can tolerate me the way you do. Seriously, i know sometime its toleration :P :D. So thank you jaan. And motu tu motu he theek h patle hone ki koshish na kiya kare. And Believe me I love you way toooo much.   Keep calm and stay beautiful.
Gargi, Thank you I don’t know how to thank you. Thank you for being there when I needed someone the most. Thank you for making me believe that world will say but I have to make my own decisions. You are the prettiest girl I have met. And I still amaze our friendship from 1st to this year. 
Jyoti, Be happy always. Crying is not at all a solution for any problem. Fight things by believing in yourself.

To some of my lovely seniors. You are the best seniors one can get. Best I mean the best. Support, Strength and many of the times solution to the problems.
Sumeet sir, I just like to admit I had a very big crush on you and only you. Believe not anyone else. Your personality is just like you are simple and amazing.
Mohit sir, Thank you for all the songs and tiffin sharing.
Aksi di, I am so afraid of you but I am also fond of you.
Chaitanya sir, I don’t think I need to write things about you. But smile without an effort.
Saheli di, I know we have meet way late. Otherwise, I would love to learn dance with you. And someday perform with you. You are the cutest senior of all.

Now to my lovely Juniors, I haven’t been in contact with all because of the differences. But some of you were like great.
Mehak, I wish I could stay with you (because I want too). You are like an angle whom I share my problem whenever I want to. Stranger and the best buddies. I don’t know what sort of connection we share from your day one. But I love you. And you are a Bal Ganesh.
Anusha, You are great person. I know and I just know. You are beautiful lady. Just be as you are. Always. Never give up on yourself because of someone.
Neha, I will miss your hugs. I will miss your smile.
Deepanshu, World is not so small. Have some fun young guys :P

And now, My favorite part.. My dear Faculties. Without you all this college would have been so bore. You are like the way amazing than students. And that’s how government colleges get failed cause they can’t have an amazing faculties like this.
Paras sir, You are the man with golden heart.
Anupam sir, You are the best faculties.
Himanshu sir, The way you teach is the best way one can easily learn and can never get bored. Never ever! The most fun class.
Manali Ma’am, Pool of knowledge. I am always scared of you. But yes, You are an amazing faculty.
Vinod sir, Thank you for all the help and support every time.
Manishita ma’am, You have the prettiest smile. Just like an adorable kid.
Sanket sir, You are just like us. And I suppose you miss your college way too bad.
Vigi ma’am, Thank you so much for mazing labs. Love to work in your labs.
Ravneet ma’am, You are companion and a family for me. Whenever I have a problem. The only ma’am come to my mind is you. Problem solver.
Nidhi ma’am, Ma’am you have an amazing dressing sense. And moreover you are friend more than faculty. One who will always understand us.
Anil sir, (Maths Teacher), eeee… Just a little thing. I miss you sir. :P :D

I wish we would all stay together like this forever. But to be something in life we can’t stuck on the comfortable zone. Moving on is the another chapter of life. Stay in touch. Stay connected. Always.