Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vintage Window

Have you ever noticed the windows of Ruin house? Ever tried to noticed the deepness of that Window. There must be some story left behind this window. Behind that empty House? It must have been a part of few generation.

It have been a part of so many emotions. Might be way through which two lovers meet. Might be a part of mothers feeling to see son going through school. Might be a part of some Romeo Juliet story. Or Studying desk for one. So many emotions. Windows are usually made for sunlight to enter in our house. Did you ever realize its as similar to Your heart?

Might be not. Let me explain you. Widows are made to enter sunlight. And Heart is made to pass love inside your soul. It never matter how small the size of it. It always contain a large number of your emotion.

We always keep our widows open during brightness and closed them during Night and so our heart.

The Generation I belong to we prefer close windows because of the A/c or heater in ones room. But still a window keeps a very important part in my life. There was a sister of mine who lives in Mumbai. When She come from her tiring job. Working 9hours a day. She make a coffee to herself and sit next to her window. I was observing her from few days and then I finally asked her ‘  I can understand about the coffee part it help to relax you but Window? I didn’t get it.’

She asked me to sit with her and then replied ‘ It’s a competitive world. You have to be first in something to stand somewhere in life. This window give me an immense pleasure. Because I can see the little lights out here. Which looks beautiful instead a part of competition. Soothing air relaxes your mind. And always connect me to mom. The way she use to sit near window to knit a sweater for me. And moreover give me a romantic thoughts as I look through the lights from here. So window is like a heart its small but carry a lot of things and memories. Instead of keeping heart inside you its good to be in our own Heart.’

Window is the spirit, Evil is the curtain. Remove the curtain of your Heart. To always bless your soul.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Haute Cuisine

Its hard to find True friend in life. The one who you can completely Trust and the one who knows every nerve of your. Who can go truly mad with you. Friend is a relation but True Friend is a relation more than a friend and less than love life.

One say You are my best and friend and action depicts like you never exist what type of friend are you. Friends love you for whom you are they are the strong pillar beside you. They laugh when you laugh. And when you cry they make you laugh.

I never had someone like that. I have friends but one who always stand next to you. Who knows every nerve of yours is hard to find. I see pretty happy when I see friends like that. Raising their voice for other is much hard than for yourself.

Friends are like a Prepared cooked food. They are always good to eat when you are hungry. Much like as you need one. But only some enjoy it and know the importance of it and value it. The way its prepared all the trust, Mirch masala and Keeping once originality serves it best.

Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body and Friends is person loved to have Heart support for healthy life.

There are different type of taste and everyone likes the all. So is friendship.

1. Sweet : Sweetness. Pleasant taste. But all sweet never makes you realize How you actual person you are. Sweet is good. But not always. And it can give you dibates too.

2. Sour : Taste of acid. Yes, We do have friends like that. They always gone criticize you. To make you realize where you are wrong. They pull you in depression. ‘Keeps your enemy closer’.

3. Salty : Taste of alkali. These people are fun to be with. They’ll make you laugh and enjoy. They remain happy and make always happy. But they hardly understand anyone.

4. Bitter : Unpleasant. Good in front on one. And worst at back of you. They love only themselves.

5. Umami : Its word from Japanese. Means Delicious. It’s a mixture of all the taste. And these person are Delicious friend. The have all the character but in a good way.

In Non veg there is a saying “I want my food Dead. Instead of sick or dying”

I will prefer a Dead Friendship instead of sick or dying.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Indian Shervani

Indian Shervani. Its not a marriage. Its not about a bride but this time Its about a Groom. Let me take you to a little story which I witnessed.

‘You really want to get married?’ A friend of his ask him.
‘No, After her I don’t want too. But its my responsibility towards my family. They have to answer the whole world about why I am not getting married and all. They also have dream to look up a face of their Grandson.’ He replied.
‘And have you ever think of the girl who you getting married too? The love she deserve and all.’ He asked.
‘Yes! I know I can’t love her. But I will. She is going to be my responsibility. She must be coming with all the hope and trust on me. And I will give her that.’ He replied.
‘How?’ He lowered his voice this time and asked.
‘I learned the lesson of love. Its not about give and take. Its about only Give. I don’t want anything from anyone. Now I can only give. So, I’ll present My love to her which I left with.’
He remained stunned for a minute and the said ‘That’s why you deserve this Shervani. I am still not prepared.’

In this modern era we all have one who we love. Whom we see our future with. But when they fall apart after some or other consequences we always think about a Girl who is falling out. Imagining the Boy is strong. But the dreams are like mirrors when they’ll break it will hurt both equally.

Its believed that its hard for a girl to give her body to another person instead of the one who has her heart. But its more difficult for boy to accept other soul. He can’t even speak and open up and cry. He has to serve his family and more than that care the trust of Girl.

His life become more like an Indian Shervani : Long, Heavy to carry but still have to carry with the Decency and in an elegant way. It will only suit one when carried in a right manner. One should know the reason behind wearing it. In other words its ‘Nawabi’.

More than an ego its about a Responsibility.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Glass Of Red Wine

I have been in France last week. It made me realize that What it means to a girl? Wine is more than an alcoholic beverage to them. Its an antioxidants. Well It keep your skin glowing and more than that one spoon of it makes your hair glow. Wine serves your Food delicious. Well like Boy wants a beer girls want a Wine. It will make you feel high But not that so.

That evening in Paris I took a glass of wine and Bottle in another hand and left the restaurant on bear foot. To feel how crazy it is to roam drunken on road. It was almost 12 at night Silent road and a glowing Eiffel. Wow that was a memory. I wish I had my love with me to hug him tight under this Eiffel to make love strong and beautiful.

That Glass of Red wine was so strong for me that I don’t know for whom I was feeling for? And what I was feeling for? I want to sit, Relax and Laugh aloud with the tears in my eyes.
It made me gone thorough a process it has gone through. What this red wine has gone through before coming into this Glass of mine.

When yeast meets sugar wine is processed. When I meet you love is processed.

Step 1. Like the grape are picked selectively and thrown in a basket. My Feeling where selectively were coming out. There are many feeling like grapes. Some rotten and some fresh. Both makes a wine. But which one to select was in ones hand. So was mine feeling in Wine's hand.

Step2. Crushing. Removing the bitter part and then the grapes are lightly crushed. Yes the Part that are bitter were going in my heart and the other being crushed. Missing him make me sad but the moments with him makes me Happy. So the wine thrown the Sad part and start reminding me the Better part. And making me feel for him again.

Step3. Cooling the Wine. The wine made cooled to ferment for long period. The same after each sip of wine it make me Unconscious to make me realize what he meant to and what I meant to him.

Step 4. Aging. The wine left for long time are more delicious. And the more deep the people fall in love its more  special to them. The more the memories are. The more the love and affection is. The more it hurts when it fall apart.

Step5. Finning. The winemakers Refine the wine to clarify it. To clean it. And get the purest form of it. And so the lovers the gone through challenges, fight and Trust making process to refine it.

And then the finally Wine is prepared and so my State of that night. Falling in love – Refining my love – Then breaking apart – And the memories with the red wine of ours.