Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trust and Support

I will start this blog with the small story to give you an idea about it. 

I went to this big party yesterday with my dad where, I meet Sangeeta, on whose honour the party was kept. She was asked to speak about herself and how she feels about winning this National Award for Contemporary Dancing. 

She started with a great and gentle smile on her face and love in her eyes for her husband. She was looking at him all the time while she telling her story. 

                       "I am Sangeeta Aryan Vashishth. Thank you for the great respect. On this special occasion I would like to share my story with you all. Well, I was one of the rich spoiled brat." she giggled a little and continued "I had everything what a rich person can have car, bungalow, branded dresses and yes, busy parents. I wasn't allowed to dance at all. Study and join the family business that's our family motto. And for girls it's much more simplified to getting married. Well, I use to sneak out of my college classes to attend dance classes. I never had friends in college. I never get a time to make one. But one day, I meet Aryan. He is one of my family friends. While sneaking out of my class I bumped into him. We looked at each other with a very weird look as we caught each sneaking out from classroom. So, I told him my story and he told me his. He wanted to join IAS but being an only child of business tycoon his family doesn't support him. 

So, one day we both decided to runaway and get married to each other. There was no love for each other. But just the support for each others dream. Trust on each other. From that day till this day we worked as Kite and string for each other. And trust kept it strong. Though we finally in love with each but love wasn't really important for us. Support was. We never wanted anyone of us to  do something for other. We just wanted a support and we got from one another. We have each other to listen one’s problem without giving a solution to it. We always have each other shoulder to cry on. We have each other in hard times. We have a little bit extra of each other than any other couple. Thank you for support Aryan. Thank you everyone for the great Honour.”

At that moment I realised they weren't in love with each other for a very long time but they were in love with seeing each other grow. What work as a string in their relationship was Aryan and Kite was Sangeeta. What made Aryan strong was the believe in Sangeeta’s talent. He trusted Sangeeta passion for dancing. And visa verse. And every time Aryan trusted Sangeeta a little more the kite flew one step higher.
How beautiful relationships can be. How easy and simple they can be. Love might not work for all but trust can work like magic. Best friend forever to Parents, Cousins to partner all relationship might not work equally for you. But the trust of that one stranger in you can help you to achieve that dream of yours. And that can be explained by one beautiful example of doctor and patient. Patient trust on Doctor give doctors a little extra power every time. 

Love just happen. And even if it doesn’t, what keeps a relationship strong is trust, support and respect. Just a 3 ingredient in any kind of relationship is Respect, trust and support to make it worthwhile.

Not just it. They both stepped out from there comfort zone to support each others dream. They both decided to bring the change in the society with there dreams. They weren't even sure if they'll fall in love or not but before they fall for each other they were already in love with that passion in each other's eyes. 

Be the door of someone's Kite you might bring a change in society.

Inspired by the song 'Tu thodi der aur ther ja'