Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Age V/s Responsibility

One of the interesting things, I am experiencing these days are some reality about life. Well, being 23 is tough. I never thought of this age being so hard because when I was almost at my sweet 16 I always thought of this age to be very fascinating. And what fascinated me is Independency. But I overlooked the responsibility.

Now, When I am sort of living all independent. I see the role of responsibility in this independence. Well, It’s still a “Sort of”. But responsibility makes you independent. Without responsibility, you can’t become independent. It’s like you can not fall ill anymore just to bunk your one-day college. You can’t press the snooze button on the alarm clock anymore otherwise, you have to miss your morning coffee.

Aren’t they pretty small responsibility? But let me tell you they are the biggest one. This kind of responsibility keeps you in a check. Show you the right path of the future. I am still studying without earning a penny. But once you started your job you’ll realize what importance this responsibility takes. How your mom and dad gets up on time with just one sound of a clock.

But let me tell you I am not tired of age 23 or it doesn’t scare me cause now it fascinate me in other ways. It provides me the courage to take a decision in life because of the responsibility I take. From taking care of my room to my own finance to myself. As I handle one responsibility correctly it provides me with the strength. Even if I fail in my responsibility it gives me enough courage to accept my own mistake without blaming it on others.

It’s like making that one perfect cake which, you use to saw in the bakery. And from buying that all ingredients in correct quantity to baking the same kind of cake. Because sometimes just the eating won’t give the taste of the cake it’s the experience you gained while baking it. It will feel sweet anyway even if it fails. Cause you just put all your effort to make it perfect. It just the age 23 won’t embraces you but the responsibility will at any age or at any point in a lifetime. Just what that Cake-bake experience gave you.

All these responsibilities always push me close towards my parents. Cause I just handle the responsibility of my own self and they almost taking care of me from past 23 years. The experience they must be having is unimaginable. When I was 16 I thought they don’t understand me at all because of the age gap. But now, when I look at them I just think age basically doesn’t matter. It the experience they have. And nobody can guide me better than them cause all the responsibility they are holding from the time of their marriage is double and from the time I was born was triple and 4 times more than me right now cause of my brother. And that what make them smarter than me at any point in time.

Age 23 is not an experience basically, no age is. But yes the responsibility you hold is an experience for you at every single time. Respect it! Take it seriously even if you failed to hold on to it.

P.S. Learn from your parents experience instead of ignoring them on the name of generation gap.