Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trust and Support

I will start this blog with the small story to give you an idea about it. 

I went to this big party yesterday with my dad where, I meet Sangeeta, on whose honour the party was kept. She was asked to speak about herself and how she feels about winning this National Award for Contemporary Dancing. 

She started with a great and gentle smile on her face and love in her eyes for her husband. She was looking at him all the time while she telling her story. 

                       "I am Sangeeta Aryan Vashishth. Thank you for the great respect. On this special occasion I would like to share my story with you all. Well, I was one of the rich spoiled brat." she giggled a little and continued "I had everything what a rich person can have car, bungalow, branded dresses and yes, busy parents. I wasn't allowed to dance at all. Study and join the family business that's our family motto. And for girls it's much more simplified to getting married. Well, I use to sneak out of my college classes to attend dance classes. I never had friends in college. I never get a time to make one. But one day, I meet Aryan. He is one of my family friends. While sneaking out of my class I bumped into him. We looked at each other with a very weird look as we caught each sneaking out from classroom. So, I told him my story and he told me his. He wanted to join IAS but being an only child of business tycoon his family doesn't support him. 

So, one day we both decided to runaway and get married to each other. There was no love for each other. But just the support for each others dream. Trust on each other. From that day till this day we worked as Kite and string for each other. And trust kept it strong. Though we finally in love with each but love wasn't really important for us. Support was. We never wanted anyone of us to  do something for other. We just wanted a support and we got from one another. We have each other to listen one’s problem without giving a solution to it. We always have each other shoulder to cry on. We have each other in hard times. We have a little bit extra of each other than any other couple. Thank you for support Aryan. Thank you everyone for the great Honour.”

At that moment I realised they weren't in love with each other for a very long time but they were in love with seeing each other grow. What work as a string in their relationship was Aryan and Kite was Sangeeta. What made Aryan strong was the believe in Sangeeta’s talent. He trusted Sangeeta passion for dancing. And visa verse. And every time Aryan trusted Sangeeta a little more the kite flew one step higher.
How beautiful relationships can be. How easy and simple they can be. Love might not work for all but trust can work like magic. Best friend forever to Parents, Cousins to partner all relationship might not work equally for you. But the trust of that one stranger in you can help you to achieve that dream of yours. And that can be explained by one beautiful example of doctor and patient. Patient trust on Doctor give doctors a little extra power every time. 

Love just happen. And even if it doesn’t, what keeps a relationship strong is trust, support and respect. Just a 3 ingredient in any kind of relationship is Respect, trust and support to make it worthwhile.

Not just it. They both stepped out from there comfort zone to support each others dream. They both decided to bring the change in the society with there dreams. They weren't even sure if they'll fall in love or not but before they fall for each other they were already in love with that passion in each other's eyes. 

Be the door of someone's Kite you might bring a change in society.

Inspired by the song 'Tu thodi der aur ther ja' 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Age V/s Responsibility

One of the interesting things, I am experiencing these days are some reality about life. Well, being 23 is tough. I never thought of this age being so hard because when I was almost at my sweet 16 I always thought of this age to be very fascinating. And what fascinated me is Independency. But I overlooked the responsibility.

Now, When I am sort of living all independent. I see the role of responsibility in this independence. Well, It’s still a “Sort of”. But responsibility makes you independent. Without responsibility, you can’t become independent. It’s like you can not fall ill anymore just to bunk your one-day college. You can’t press the snooze button on the alarm clock anymore otherwise, you have to miss your morning coffee.

Aren’t they pretty small responsibility? But let me tell you they are the biggest one. This kind of responsibility keeps you in a check. Show you the right path of the future. I am still studying without earning a penny. But once you started your job you’ll realize what importance this responsibility takes. How your mom and dad gets up on time with just one sound of a clock.

But let me tell you I am not tired of age 23 or it doesn’t scare me cause now it fascinate me in other ways. It provides me the courage to take a decision in life because of the responsibility I take. From taking care of my room to my own finance to myself. As I handle one responsibility correctly it provides me with the strength. Even if I fail in my responsibility it gives me enough courage to accept my own mistake without blaming it on others.

It’s like making that one perfect cake which, you use to saw in the bakery. And from buying that all ingredients in correct quantity to baking the same kind of cake. Because sometimes just the eating won’t give the taste of the cake it’s the experience you gained while baking it. It will feel sweet anyway even if it fails. Cause you just put all your effort to make it perfect. It just the age 23 won’t embraces you but the responsibility will at any age or at any point in a lifetime. Just what that Cake-bake experience gave you.

All these responsibilities always push me close towards my parents. Cause I just handle the responsibility of my own self and they almost taking care of me from past 23 years. The experience they must be having is unimaginable. When I was 16 I thought they don’t understand me at all because of the age gap. But now, when I look at them I just think age basically doesn’t matter. It the experience they have. And nobody can guide me better than them cause all the responsibility they are holding from the time of their marriage is double and from the time I was born was triple and 4 times more than me right now cause of my brother. And that what make them smarter than me at any point in time.

Age 23 is not an experience basically, no age is. But yes the responsibility you hold is an experience for you at every single time. Respect it! Take it seriously even if you failed to hold on to it.

P.S. Learn from your parents experience instead of ignoring them on the name of generation gap.     

Friday, March 27, 2015


Its been a first time with me while writing a blog that put the title first and then writing the blog. But I am so sure about the title. Title to say that something to left behind. 4years to be given to my college life. To the most beautiful part of life. No, I don’t regret for this four year. I always going to cherish. Relationship Rollercoaster it was. Some were made and some were broken. But the broken one was also made that’s why the broke. So, No bad! I just think if they wouldn’t have broken I wouldn’t have made the new ones.
45km of journey (Opps! 90km in all) is coming to an deep slow end. I never hated the bus ride. Because the 2 hours of music therapy was always been good to me. And every year I meet some part of me. It gave me a one crazy friend for life. Without whom survival wouldn’t have been so fine. The ABS circle where bus stop at evening would have so crazy 15-20 minutes of college.

For the bus mates.. Gauri di: You are the most beautiful lady by soul.
Kumud di : You are the cutest of all. Chetan : Black sheep, You always been the support. Maneesh : Jaan I wish we would have met way before because its way comfortable being with you. Gentleman with a class. (Jatt)  Shubham : I am so going to miss you. Ayushmann : You rock! :P Anna: Be pretty always. Mehak: I need a really long time to write about you Ganesha. Akshay : Be happy, You are perfect as you are. Bindra : I hope you get a girl like you soon.

My Weird (Wildly Enlightened Individuals Recreating Dreams) Class is full of different genres. Nobody was less from one. We were few in number. But the vast variety in numbers.
One was Diva(Gargi), So one was the studious (Prerna), So one was sports women(Dimple) So one can make go around (Yashika) Other one was singer (Jyoti) So some one remain silent (Anuradha Agarwal). The one who remain simply cool but then ‘panga Soch samajh ke lena’ (Lavina). One who keep forgetting but Who cares (Sukku). One who ask to many question (Payal). One who handle the leadership (Dhanku) then the one who with amazing attitude (Akku), One with the radio throat (Kamo) And the friend of her with the foreign looks (Surbhi) And one with the calm attitude(Anushree) and with the tomboy look (Namo). And one as sweet as teddy bear (Sanju). The one with amazing IQ of Debate (Naitry). One with Pakki punjaban eyes (Leena). And the one who always remain on Diet (Chandu).
Well, I know all girls and No boys make the class so Dull. So lets start making a class wise with Google service of Bagchi. The lets add up some Comedy classes with Sahil. And the then a Poetic channel of Akash. And Mr Unknown Vipul. And an artistic Ravi. But still I love the correct IQ of Prajay. And how story can be made without a chocolate boy (Rahul) ‘Naam Toh suna he hoga’. And a controller (Vineet)
Now, there are group of 5 people who make me sad. They’ve been with us all the way but not coming along to complete this stay. They complete our class in all way. The guy with the Chillax attitude (Rabijit). Low temper and making me try new things (Gaurav). I don’t know why this class have 2 version alia bhatt. One from the Highway (Meenakshi) and Other from 2states (Soumia) And My own personal Main dekhta hoon bade he swami type ka lekin hoon bade he harami type ka (Saurabh).
And three monkeys who left us already. Who miss us or not nobody knows. But the always bump in our class to make it more cheerful. Pandit Pujari (Hari), Skeleton ( Mridul) and Photo freak Queen (Kirti).

Bunch of crazy people made the life worth living. 4years of smiling stay.
There were fights there were downs. There were love so was hatred. But the food without salt never been the taste.
I have been a part of so many fights. I have been the part of so many Celebration. There were many moments of sadness. But what make sad the most we have to leave it all behind.

Anushree might be this place is so short to write about you or about us. But girl I love you and I’ll always will. Even after fights my mind move on from you but my heart remain stuck on you.
Saurabh you are best part of college and life. Nobody can ever have a great friend like you. You are not what you think about yourself. You are way better than that. And that’s what make me afraid of. But I love you and forever and ever. I just wish I can write more about you. But let it be little personal.
Gaurav, if you wouldn’t have been in amity at one point of time I would have given all my hopes on amity. Trust is the another name of yours. And yes you are a Kid and always going to be. For me at least.
Rahul, I am just happy to see you happy. You matter to me a lot. You are what you are. Accept it. And believe me you are beautiful soul. Just be confident about it.
Leena, Thank you for being a great support. Just believe in yourself. Just do things what you like to do. Take things lightly they are not hard as you think. And babes always remember I love you. You might not be knowing it how much. But I do. That's why I always keep on guiding you. Cause I know you have seen me crying like millions times and stood by my side every time. Nobody can tolerate me the way you do. Seriously, i know sometime its toleration :P :D. So thank you jaan. And motu tu motu he theek h patle hone ki koshish na kiya kare. And Believe me I love you way toooo much.   Keep calm and stay beautiful.
Gargi, Thank you I don’t know how to thank you. Thank you for being there when I needed someone the most. Thank you for making me believe that world will say but I have to make my own decisions. You are the prettiest girl I have met. And I still amaze our friendship from 1st to this year. 
Jyoti, Be happy always. Crying is not at all a solution for any problem. Fight things by believing in yourself.

To some of my lovely seniors. You are the best seniors one can get. Best I mean the best. Support, Strength and many of the times solution to the problems.
Sumeet sir, I just like to admit I had a very big crush on you and only you. Believe not anyone else. Your personality is just like you are simple and amazing.
Mohit sir, Thank you for all the songs and tiffin sharing.
Aksi di, I am so afraid of you but I am also fond of you.
Chaitanya sir, I don’t think I need to write things about you. But smile without an effort.
Saheli di, I know we have meet way late. Otherwise, I would love to learn dance with you. And someday perform with you. You are the cutest senior of all.

Now to my lovely Juniors, I haven’t been in contact with all because of the differences. But some of you were like great.
Mehak, I wish I could stay with you (because I want too). You are like an angle whom I share my problem whenever I want to. Stranger and the best buddies. I don’t know what sort of connection we share from your day one. But I love you. And you are a Bal Ganesh.
Anusha, You are great person. I know and I just know. You are beautiful lady. Just be as you are. Always. Never give up on yourself because of someone.
Neha, I will miss your hugs. I will miss your smile.
Deepanshu, World is not so small. Have some fun young guys :P

And now, My favorite part.. My dear Faculties. Without you all this college would have been so bore. You are like the way amazing than students. And that’s how government colleges get failed cause they can’t have an amazing faculties like this.
Paras sir, You are the man with golden heart.
Anupam sir, You are the best faculties.
Himanshu sir, The way you teach is the best way one can easily learn and can never get bored. Never ever! The most fun class.
Manali Ma’am, Pool of knowledge. I am always scared of you. But yes, You are an amazing faculty.
Vinod sir, Thank you for all the help and support every time.
Manishita ma’am, You have the prettiest smile. Just like an adorable kid.
Sanket sir, You are just like us. And I suppose you miss your college way too bad.
Vigi ma’am, Thank you so much for mazing labs. Love to work in your labs.
Ravneet ma’am, You are companion and a family for me. Whenever I have a problem. The only ma’am come to my mind is you. Problem solver.
Nidhi ma’am, Ma’am you have an amazing dressing sense. And moreover you are friend more than faculty. One who will always understand us.
Anil sir, (Maths Teacher), eeee… Just a little thing. I miss you sir. :P :D

I wish we would all stay together like this forever. But to be something in life we can’t stuck on the comfortable zone. Moving on is the another chapter of life. Stay in touch. Stay connected. Always.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I care.

When I sit down with my own space in an open room for all. With so many people around me I found its difficult for me to create my own thoughts. So many views some negative and some positive disturbing mine view. But are they? And what type of view I am having? I was having a view of little baby. The innocence they have. The thing that keep them different from everyone. I saw a kid on the window. He was more interested in seeing me, instead paying attention to his parents. Smiling with those two cute bunny teeth. How mesmerizing it was. Unaware of the intentions of people. He was smiling because I was making him smile. Same was my situation at this moment. I didn’t know the intention of people around me. But I was smiling with thoughts I have in my mind. I was unaware of the people and I wanted to be. For that little baby giving attention to only positive aspects of his life. And so is my mind giving attention to the beautiful thoughts it giving to my life.

(Pic Credits : Venu Madhav)
When someone hold your hand and guide you to the right path is the time when your mind wants to step back and let that person do there job because that’s what your heart say. I was in the same situation. The situation where my heart dominate my mind. Because the factor of faith was more than the trust. For me I keep these two word different. Even when you have trust on someone you try to play your part to make it more right. But when you have faith on someone you sit back and let that person do what he wants to. Babies have that faith on their parents. That’s why he sit there and just cherish the moments till the time they grow up. I was a grown up but for that moment I wanted to be a child keeping my faith on someone. And yes that’s what I did.
When someone hold your hand and guide you through the path. Path, filled with obstacles. He guide you like you are the life of his. Caring like you belongs to him. You are the part of him. I fall, I rise, I got hurt but then it was healed. I wasn’t me for him. I was he. I wasn’t amazed to see the care. I was mesmerized. I was tired with the path but the he hold my hand and smiled and said ‘Few more steps’. I am a changed person with the way he handle me. I am relaxed. I just sit back and take the positivity deep inside.

I am afraid of water. Not exactly, But the deepness of water. It isn’t easy for me to put me in it. But then again someone just say I am there do not worry. Can you just simply go for it? I wont. If the thunder struck will he save himself first or me? But then if you have a faith in him you know its going to be you first than him. And that time I was surprised by myself. I never find myself keeping this faith other than my father on anyone. But as the moment end I realized I was so right with my decision as he said ‘ You look so cute as the water hurdle come and you hold your rope’. How can anyone keep their eyes open and see you as the water comes up? But he did.
But that wasn’t enough for my mind to let my heart dominate on it. But at the same time he been the best of him. Like the water the cold never suit me up. But how can anyone put himself in all the pain and protect you to fall goodnight sleep? I am not a materialistic person but I feel good when someone get me street toys. I like when someone says you want to try hash I’ll get down with you. Who remain in senses to handle me if I go out of senses. To whom I can keep my faith on. To whom I can say ‘You are the man of my life.’ To whom I can be a child and say ‘I don’t worry at all’

P.S. I am child only for you not to everyone. And Yes, I love you.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ghoonghat : Shame or Respect?

A piece of fine material worn by women or Sacred objects to protect or conceal the face is called Veil. In Hinduism it is known as Ghoonghat.

Ghoonghat is the symbol of Shyness for ladies. It is worn for the respect of elders.
In Rajasthan I have been to one of my friends home in small village named Kota. She has 3 brother in which one of her elder brother was married. We both were studying in the room. While I heard a scream from another room. We both ran together to see the matter. The matter was really small her Bhabhi screamed due to lizard she found during the home cleaning. In all this she dropped her veil. Her both younger brother in laws and parents in law continuously looking at her. Her mother in law hold her wrist tightly and took her into her room. A little later the door opened and her head was now properly covered by Veil. She was sobbing. I can sense that. I gone to ask her. Is she fine or not?
‘Bhabhi, Are you fine?’ I asked.
She sobbed a little and then replied ‘Yes.’
I asked her again ‘Are you sure?’
She pulled up her veil her under her right eye was completely swollen.
‘Bhabhi? How did this happen?’
‘Mummy ji slapped me hard. So I’ll get these bruises. To hide them I’ve to always be in Ghoonghat. Because our cultural don’t allow us to be free. It’s not the symbol of respect but the symbol of utter shame to girl that we are girls and we cant keep our heads high in front of man and our elders.’ She burst out in tears.
I hugged her tight and kept all my sympathy with her.

Yes, I put a question is it a symbol of respect or utter symbol of shame? Being an Indian I found the veil to be most beautiful ornament of girl. A respect she give to her elders and a love to his husband. Like all the resect give when she in temple. But do the people take it as a respect? No. Some people think it is due to shame. Shame of being girls.

In Indian marriages as well as in Other caste the Veil has the same importance of love care and respect. Red or white its due to respect.

The most beautiful bride : She carries shyness (Lajja). Eyes down, Head down. The perfectly placed Bindi on her fore head and A veil of Red duppata. This is not because she is ashamed. This all because she respect.

If she respect you she is not afraid. If she is in veil she is not ashamed.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vintage Window

Have you ever noticed the windows of Ruin house? Ever tried to noticed the deepness of that Window. There must be some story left behind this window. Behind that empty House? It must have been a part of few generation.

It have been a part of so many emotions. Might be way through which two lovers meet. Might be a part of mothers feeling to see son going through school. Might be a part of some Romeo Juliet story. Or Studying desk for one. So many emotions. Windows are usually made for sunlight to enter in our house. Did you ever realize its as similar to Your heart?

Might be not. Let me explain you. Widows are made to enter sunlight. And Heart is made to pass love inside your soul. It never matter how small the size of it. It always contain a large number of your emotion.

We always keep our widows open during brightness and closed them during Night and so our heart.

The Generation I belong to we prefer close windows because of the A/c or heater in ones room. But still a window keeps a very important part in my life. There was a sister of mine who lives in Mumbai. When She come from her tiring job. Working 9hours a day. She make a coffee to herself and sit next to her window. I was observing her from few days and then I finally asked her ‘  I can understand about the coffee part it help to relax you but Window? I didn’t get it.’

She asked me to sit with her and then replied ‘ It’s a competitive world. You have to be first in something to stand somewhere in life. This window give me an immense pleasure. Because I can see the little lights out here. Which looks beautiful instead a part of competition. Soothing air relaxes your mind. And always connect me to mom. The way she use to sit near window to knit a sweater for me. And moreover give me a romantic thoughts as I look through the lights from here. So window is like a heart its small but carry a lot of things and memories. Instead of keeping heart inside you its good to be in our own Heart.’

Window is the spirit, Evil is the curtain. Remove the curtain of your Heart. To always bless your soul.