Monday, October 14, 2013

Haute Cuisine

Its hard to find True friend in life. The one who you can completely Trust and the one who knows every nerve of your. Who can go truly mad with you. Friend is a relation but True Friend is a relation more than a friend and less than love life.

One say You are my best and friend and action depicts like you never exist what type of friend are you. Friends love you for whom you are they are the strong pillar beside you. They laugh when you laugh. And when you cry they make you laugh.

I never had someone like that. I have friends but one who always stand next to you. Who knows every nerve of yours is hard to find. I see pretty happy when I see friends like that. Raising their voice for other is much hard than for yourself.

Friends are like a Prepared cooked food. They are always good to eat when you are hungry. Much like as you need one. But only some enjoy it and know the importance of it and value it. The way its prepared all the trust, Mirch masala and Keeping once originality serves it best.

Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body and Friends is person loved to have Heart support for healthy life.

There are different type of taste and everyone likes the all. So is friendship.

1. Sweet : Sweetness. Pleasant taste. But all sweet never makes you realize How you actual person you are. Sweet is good. But not always. And it can give you dibates too.

2. Sour : Taste of acid. Yes, We do have friends like that. They always gone criticize you. To make you realize where you are wrong. They pull you in depression. ‘Keeps your enemy closer’.

3. Salty : Taste of alkali. These people are fun to be with. They’ll make you laugh and enjoy. They remain happy and make always happy. But they hardly understand anyone.

4. Bitter : Unpleasant. Good in front on one. And worst at back of you. They love only themselves.

5. Umami : Its word from Japanese. Means Delicious. It’s a mixture of all the taste. And these person are Delicious friend. The have all the character but in a good way.

In Non veg there is a saying “I want my food Dead. Instead of sick or dying”

I will prefer a Dead Friendship instead of sick or dying.

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