Sunday, October 13, 2013

Indian Shervani

Indian Shervani. Its not a marriage. Its not about a bride but this time Its about a Groom. Let me take you to a little story which I witnessed.

‘You really want to get married?’ A friend of his ask him.
‘No, After her I don’t want too. But its my responsibility towards my family. They have to answer the whole world about why I am not getting married and all. They also have dream to look up a face of their Grandson.’ He replied.
‘And have you ever think of the girl who you getting married too? The love she deserve and all.’ He asked.
‘Yes! I know I can’t love her. But I will. She is going to be my responsibility. She must be coming with all the hope and trust on me. And I will give her that.’ He replied.
‘How?’ He lowered his voice this time and asked.
‘I learned the lesson of love. Its not about give and take. Its about only Give. I don’t want anything from anyone. Now I can only give. So, I’ll present My love to her which I left with.’
He remained stunned for a minute and the said ‘That’s why you deserve this Shervani. I am still not prepared.’

In this modern era we all have one who we love. Whom we see our future with. But when they fall apart after some or other consequences we always think about a Girl who is falling out. Imagining the Boy is strong. But the dreams are like mirrors when they’ll break it will hurt both equally.

Its believed that its hard for a girl to give her body to another person instead of the one who has her heart. But its more difficult for boy to accept other soul. He can’t even speak and open up and cry. He has to serve his family and more than that care the trust of Girl.

His life become more like an Indian Shervani : Long, Heavy to carry but still have to carry with the Decency and in an elegant way. It will only suit one when carried in a right manner. One should know the reason behind wearing it. In other words its ‘Nawabi’.

More than an ego its about a Responsibility.

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