Sunday, February 8, 2015

I care.

When I sit down with my own space in an open room for all. With so many people around me I found its difficult for me to create my own thoughts. So many views some negative and some positive disturbing mine view. But are they? And what type of view I am having? I was having a view of little baby. The innocence they have. The thing that keep them different from everyone. I saw a kid on the window. He was more interested in seeing me, instead paying attention to his parents. Smiling with those two cute bunny teeth. How mesmerizing it was. Unaware of the intentions of people. He was smiling because I was making him smile. Same was my situation at this moment. I didn’t know the intention of people around me. But I was smiling with thoughts I have in my mind. I was unaware of the people and I wanted to be. For that little baby giving attention to only positive aspects of his life. And so is my mind giving attention to the beautiful thoughts it giving to my life.

(Pic Credits : Venu Madhav)
When someone hold your hand and guide you to the right path is the time when your mind wants to step back and let that person do there job because that’s what your heart say. I was in the same situation. The situation where my heart dominate my mind. Because the factor of faith was more than the trust. For me I keep these two word different. Even when you have trust on someone you try to play your part to make it more right. But when you have faith on someone you sit back and let that person do what he wants to. Babies have that faith on their parents. That’s why he sit there and just cherish the moments till the time they grow up. I was a grown up but for that moment I wanted to be a child keeping my faith on someone. And yes that’s what I did.
When someone hold your hand and guide you through the path. Path, filled with obstacles. He guide you like you are the life of his. Caring like you belongs to him. You are the part of him. I fall, I rise, I got hurt but then it was healed. I wasn’t me for him. I was he. I wasn’t amazed to see the care. I was mesmerized. I was tired with the path but the he hold my hand and smiled and said ‘Few more steps’. I am a changed person with the way he handle me. I am relaxed. I just sit back and take the positivity deep inside.

I am afraid of water. Not exactly, But the deepness of water. It isn’t easy for me to put me in it. But then again someone just say I am there do not worry. Can you just simply go for it? I wont. If the thunder struck will he save himself first or me? But then if you have a faith in him you know its going to be you first than him. And that time I was surprised by myself. I never find myself keeping this faith other than my father on anyone. But as the moment end I realized I was so right with my decision as he said ‘ You look so cute as the water hurdle come and you hold your rope’. How can anyone keep their eyes open and see you as the water comes up? But he did.
But that wasn’t enough for my mind to let my heart dominate on it. But at the same time he been the best of him. Like the water the cold never suit me up. But how can anyone put himself in all the pain and protect you to fall goodnight sleep? I am not a materialistic person but I feel good when someone get me street toys. I like when someone says you want to try hash I’ll get down with you. Who remain in senses to handle me if I go out of senses. To whom I can keep my faith on. To whom I can say ‘You are the man of my life.’ To whom I can be a child and say ‘I don’t worry at all’

P.S. I am child only for you not to everyone. And Yes, I love you.